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Ride Vision Launches in Australia

After successfully launching and saving riders’ lives in Israel and Italy, Ride Vision is now launching in Australia, starting New South Wales.

It is well known that motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable road user worldwide. Over 900,000 two-wheelers are roaming the roads of Australia, accounting for 5.7% of all Australian passenger vehicle registrations. However, motorcycle riders and pillions account for approximately 18% of all road crash deaths and an even higher proportion of serious injuries. The social cost of road crashes in Australia involving motorcycles is more than twice that for cars. The leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Australia is the failure of drivers to see the motorcycle rider, the most involved age group is 40-48 years of age.

The above stats are no different than what’s happening to riders worldwide. Starting October 2021 in NSW, Australian riders will now be able to retrofit their bikes with Ride Vision’s system for a safer ride.

Ride Vision Australia – Price

Ride Vision will be available in both PRO and LITE versions, pricing starts at 570 Australian Dollars. For more local information and online purchase visit our Ride Vision Australia website.

If you wish to become a Certified Installer for Ride Vision please contact us by email at

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